Charged Particle Wave Based Slow Wave Sleep Machine

Based on the fact that Slow Wave Activity (SWA) plays a critical role during sleep, an effective way to improve sleep quality is to enhance SWA. Currently, a number of medications have been shown to increase slow wave sleep (SWS) through enhancing the mediation of GABAergic transmitters. However, pharmacological approaches to sleep enhancement are commonly associated with issues such as residual daytime side effects, dependence on drugs, and drug tolerance although these results are promising,
To circumvent these shortcomings of medications, different non-pharmacological alternatives, such as stimulating the brain with electrical currents or magnetic fields, have been tried. Massimini et al [1, 2] demonstrated that slow wave sleep can be triggered by directly disturbing the cortex using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Other studies show that the application of magnetic or electromagnetic waves of certain magnitudes and frequencies to the human cerebral cortex by transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and TMS can enhance slow wave sleep and achieve deep sleep. However, the long-term effect of repeated exposure to either tDCS or TMS is unknown.
Other studies [3,4] have shown that, in an environment with negatively charged particles predominant, charged particles can effectively activate the body's immune system, smooth blood flow and stabilize the autonomic nervous system. A clinic test conducted with a group of 33 patients (16 females and 17 males) showed that charged particles (such as negative oxygen ions) had a significant impact on sleep quality: sleep latency was shortened, and slow-wave sleep duration was prolonged [4].

These studies provide a new non-drug, non-invasive way for those with insomnia and sleep deficiency to achieve high-quality deep sleep. This novel approach is realized by tuning the amplitude and frequency of the charged particle wave to approximately 0.8 Hz, a frequency for deep sleep. Subsequently the externally generated particle wave will stimulate endogenous slow brain waves, triggering spontaneous slow wave sleep.
AIR NUTRI SOLUTION INC innovatively invents the world's first charged particle generation module with tunable frequency and intensity (concentration). Based on the core IPs, the company successfully developed the world's first charged particle wave based slow wave Sleeping machine ----Nutri Sleep.

NAI Chip Patent

NAI chip technology has obtained the Canadian invention patent (patent number: CA2916813), the US invention patent (patent number US10,181,703 B2). This technology-related parameter has been validated by the NRC Canadian National Research Council.

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