Charged Particles 
(Negative Oxygen Ions)

You might find that it becomes easier to fall asleep when you are near
the forest or beach, or when it rains because of negative air ions (NAI).
NAI enables you to obtain rich slow wave sleep (deep sleep).

Charged Particles 
Impact Health

Scientific researches find that air humans breathe contains air ions,
which are essential to life and body functions. The imbalance between
positive ions and negative ions will have a profound impact on your
physical and mental health.

Imbalance of
Charged Particles

Surplus of positive ions or a deficiency of negative ions will induce the over production of neurotransmitter serotonin, which is responsible for insomnia and sleep disorders.

Serotonin and
Melatonin regulation

Negative air ions can regulate the balance of serotonin levels and
increase the biochemical reaction of melatonin, a main ingredient to help
people falling asleep quickly and prolonging the slow wave sleep time. Similar to the scenario staying next to forests and beaches, you are easily falling asleep and getting plenty slow wave sleep.

NAI Chip

AirNutri Inc. has invented the NAI chip and developed the world's first of a kind technology - NAS slow wave sleep machine after six year R&D and millions dollar investment. NAI filed effect can convert surplus serotonin in your body and brain into a harmless chemical substance, such regulates the serotonin levels. NAI increases the biochemical synthesis reaction of melatonin (natural sleep hormone) produced by the pineal gland in the brain, activates sleep biological nerves, synchronizes the sleep rhythm clock, shortens the slow wave sleep latency, and prolongs slow wave sleep time for a high quality deep sleep




Enhance your sleep quality.


Nutrisleep6 uses ion-modifying technology to create a negative charge on oxygen atoms, creating a negatively charged oxygen ion.


Oxygen ions can interact with human brain waves, allowing Nutrisleep6 to augment sleep states through alpha, beta, and delta waves.
Nutrisleep is under development. Stay tuned for updates.
ANS slow-wave sleep machine, a made in Canada’s black technology, can shorten the slow-wave
sleep latency and extend the slow-wave sleep (deep sleep) duration. Slow wave sleep is most
restorative stage of sleep with benefits of getting rid of toxins, strengthening memories,
revitalizing the tissue, rebuilding your body and The skeletal muscles which allows the cells to be
deeply repaired, restocking our immune system, restoring vigor, recharging your body, and fine-
tuning our metabolism. Slow wave sleep provides a magical/natural solution to resume normal
and high quality sleep for those who are suffering various sleep disorders or insomnia such as
difficult to sleep, lack of sleep, frequent waking up, or sleep anxiety

Key Features

Enhance the function of the brain in discharging toxins, improve the permeability of the cell
membrane and the ability of metabolism, remove harmful free radicals, and enhance the
immune system.
Recover and rebuild the body and skeletal muscles, promote metabolism and regeneration of
cells, and deeply repair cells and DNA in the brain and body tissues.
Dump aged message in your brain, reactivate your memory, and translate temporal message,
such as knowledge and experience learned over the past 24 hours, into permanent memory.
Consolidate memory and promote the growth of learning nerve.
Accumulate energy, strengthen the function of autonomic neurosis and optimize physiological
and mental health.
Enable as much as 75% human growth hormone (HGH) to be released during deep sleep.
Promote growth, decompose fat, activate cells to maintain collagen matrix and exert its powerful
antioxidant activity. Repair and facilitate cell metabolism and regeneration, so that body and
mind and skin are nourished inside and out. Slow wave sleep is also a beauty sleep. It can arouse
your inner passion, present you better skin color, appearance and vitality, the best anti-aging
method in nature.

Technical Specifications



Rate Power


Negative charged particle

3x10⁵ ions/cm³ @ 100 cm

Negative charged particle

0.8 Hz


D 20cm X H 15cm


4 lb

Optimal operational


Optimal operational
relative humidity