The power of charged ion particles: Made-in-Vancouver technology offers a non-medicinal sleep solution

October 7, 2019

Sleep is one of those things in life that’s often taken for granted: when we’re able to enjoy it in abundance, we feel on top of the world. When sleep is lacking, however, we tend to feel terrible. We miss it, crave it and seek it out, sometimes desperately.

New made-in-Vancouver technology has the potential to help restore peaceful, health-enhancing sleep through a non-invasive, non-medicinal slow-wave sleep machine.

“Sleep is so important to people; it affects every aspect of your health,” says Jacky Lin, founder of Air Nutri Solution. “If you don’t have enough sleep, you don’t have energy to do anything.

Air Nutri Solution presented its NutriSleep6 slow wave sleep machine at WorldSleep 2019.

“When people have problems with sleep, they might rely on a sleeping pill,” he adds. “The problem with medication is it can have a lot of side effects. New technology can help solve the problem without having to take a pill.”

Research has found that charged particles, or ions, that are invisible in the air can positively impact sleep quality.

Proudly based in B.C., Air Nutri Solution has developed cutting-edge technology to manipulate those charged ion particles. The NutriSleep6 slow-wave sleep machine harnesses the power of particle-wave duality in amplitude and frequency

The NutriSleep6 slow-wave sleep machine is the world’s first device to trigger spontaneous slow waves in the human brain. The device can generate waves from 0.5 to 4 Hz, which is the ideal range for the most restorative deep sleep. SUPPLIED

“The slow waves create a synergy in the brain,” Lin says. “The result is a slow-wave steady sleep state.”

Those slow waves stimulate the production of melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone.

Air Nutri Solution presented the NutriSleep6 at WorldSleep 2019, a global scientific congress on sleep medicine and research that took place in Vancouver from Sept. 20-25. Organized by World Sleep Society (founded by World Association of Sleep Medicine and World Sleep Federation) and hosted by the Canadian Sleep Society, the largest annual event of its kind attracts more than 3,000 sleep professionals from more than 75 countries to advance sleep health worldwide.

“NutriSleep6 can help improve various sleeping disorders and insomnias,” Lin says. “We firmly believe that many people who have been bothered by sleep disorders will be able to overcome their problems with this product.”

To stay updated on how to achieve worry-free sleep and when the NutriSleep6 will be available, please visit Air Nutri Solution at

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