NAI Technology

Research & Development

Air Nutri Solution Inc. brings together outstanding scientists and professional researchers from Canada, the United States, China and other multi-disciplinary fields such as optoelectronics, biophysics, life sciences, clinical medicine, biomedical engineering, etc. to form a core research team with strong research and innovation capabilities from discovery to invention. Continuous investment in R&D and innovative R&D mechanism form the core kinetic energy of Air Nutri's competitiveness.

There is no life without energy. Bio-energy and its biological waves govern human life activities.

Charged Particle Waves

Energy-carrying charged particles in the form of waves that act energy into the organism through specific frequencies.
Charged particle waves produce superposition and increase with the biological waves of the human body, corrects abnormal biological waves, balances cellular energy, enhances the activity of blood red blood cells, removes free radicals, delays cellular aging, and maintains a youthful state of life.
AIR NUTRI SOLUTION INC. has discovered and mastered the world's leading charge particle wave key core technology, achieving a major breakthrough in transforming physical energy into life energy, activating the self-repair mechanism and enhancing life force.
The charge particle wave is a "new biology" application that integrates life sciences and physics, and is a manifestation of the third life science revolution proposed by MIT President Susan Hockfield, the historic convergence of life sciences, physics, and manufacturing engineering.
Like the industrial revolution, the life sciences have undergone several transformations along with human development: the first revolution was marked by the development of molecular biology; the second revolution was centered on the breakthrough of genomics; and Susan Hockfield, president of MIT, believes that the life sciences are on the verge of a third revolution. That is, the historic convergence of life sciences, physics, manufacturing engineering and other disciplines. No coincidence, in 2009 the National Research Council of the National Academies published a programmatic work "A New Biology for the 21st Century", which describes the different fields of biology, physics, engineering and other disciplines, and proposes the concept of "new biology".

Louis Victor -
Duc De Broglie

Nobel Prize winner in physics Louis Victor - Duc de Broglie discovered that all matter has wave-particle duality and that wave superposition and increase can occur when two waves of the same frequency meet.

Cutting-edge technology in negative particles

As the pioneer of the third life science revolution, new biology and energy medicine, Air Nutri research team focuses on the application research and technology development of charge particle wave, bio-energy and bio-wave interaction, through the world's leading charge particle NAI chip (module), charge particle wave tuning module and other original key technologies, so that the energy-carrying charge particles in the form of waves, through a specific frequency.

NAI Chip Patent

The parameters of the core technology have been authoritatively
tested and verified by the National Research and Development Council of Canada (NRC) and have been granted a number of invention patents in Canada and the United States.

Air Nutri series products have successively passed UL certification in
North America, FCC certification in the United States, ISED certification in
Canada, and obtained the medical device certificate issued by Health