AirNutri 300S

featuring revolutionary NAI technology

Airnutri 300S Forest Health Preservation Machine

Enhanced with NAI technology

Mimics natural environments containing high negative air ions
Creates artificial fresh air
Non-invasive therapy for multiple uses

Schumann Frequency

Tuned to 7.83Hz, the Earth's 
own magnetic frequency

30 Day returns

If you aren't satisfied, we'll arrange for a free return within 60 days of purchase.

Whisper quiet

Silent fan motors allow for a noise-free environment.
Air Nutri 300S Schumann Wave Wellness Machine, through the energy-carrying charge particles in the form of Schumann wave frequency, and brain waves to form a superposition and increase, to achieve resonance with the Earth's Schumann wave. And the energy of the charge particles is transferred to the human body. Thus calming the emotions, balancing the body and mind; eliminating inflammation, removing free radicals, delaying aging, enhancing the activity of blood red blood cells, reducing blood viscosity, restoring the youthfulness of the blood circulation system, thus providing a new biological recuperation solution for harmonious physical and mental health!

Technical Specifications


Air Nutri 300S

Rate Voltage


Rate Power


Negative Ions


Energy Efficiency


Bacteria Removal


O-zone Concentration

< 0.1x10⁻⁶ 

PM2.5 Removal


Operational Temperature and Relative Humidity

0°C ~ 45°C , 30% ~ 80%

Dimension (mm)