A Brand-New Chipset named NAI Made with Canadian Technology and the application of Nutrisleep6

September 19, 2019

Recently, a brand-new tech company Nutri Air Solution Inc. has made its way into Innovation Boulevard with NutriSleep6 a hightech air purification product able to improve sleep quality by inducing quick and efficient deep sleep.

Is it possible to alter the air around us to help people sleep whenever they want? Insomnia and other associated sleep disorders are a prevailing major medical condition with an estimated 40% of Canadian adults suffering from sleep disorders. Having a good night’s sleep has become the biggest wish for those who are suffering from such disorders.

Our reporter was invited to make an interview with Dr. Michele Vincenti, strategical advisor of Nutri Air Solution Inc. at Innovation Boulevard - Simon Fraser University, the first Health Technology Accelerator in Western Canada. The air people breathe has a certain amount of air ions. Ions are charged particles in the air and these charged particles have a tremendous impact on human life and health.

Having gone through 6 years of hard work with an investment excess of $10 million USD, Nutri Air, a high-tech corp that has been focusing on science research and commercialization of NAI and life sciences, has made a major breakthrough in the domain of air ions by successfully inventing the NAI chip, a revolution chipset that has fundamentally changed people’s understanding of “air” and its impact and application in such fields as life science. Based on such a revolutionary technology as NAI chipset, Nutri Air has successfully developed the Nutrisleep6 (Slow Wave Sleep Machine), which is able to generate deep sleep of premium quality by inducing biological sleep nerves to shorten the latency before sleep and to extend slow wave sleep cycles through the adjustment of serotonin levels and the stimulation of the production of melatonin (natural sleep hormone)in the brain by means of the biological effect of NAI in the air. Lab tests show that Nutrisleep6, a brand-new Canadian sleep technology that is completely safe for human use, is able to provide a magically natural solution for millions of people around the world who are suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia,sleep apnea and sleep deprivation.

The chipset technology of NAI has been awarded an invention patent in Canada— CA2916813. And tests have been run on its mechanisms of action by the Canadian National Research Council (NRC). Louise Turner, CEO of Innovation Boulevard, is quoted saying: “Innovation Boulevard is supported by three organizations— City of Surrey, SFU and Fraser Health Department. Such an entity is not only the first special purpose accelerator for health technology in Western Canada, but also a place where cooperation is made to improve health and economic opportunities are created by the municipal government, academic circles and the largest health organization in the province of British Columbia.” Louise: “We welcome Nutri Air Solutions Inc as our new member. Nutri Air is an exceptional company whose NAI chipset technology, with very high values and potential, can be used as the core for various apps. Take Nutrisleep6 (Slow Wave Sleep Machine), it is a very innovative high-tech product which has been developed based on the technological research of the NAI chipset. Since it’ll be able to help a great many people either suffering from sleep disorder or badly in need, we are considering to help them with mass production by tapping viable resources. And we’ll also try to solicit support from clinical research institutions and local governments for another new project developed by Nutri Air based on the NAI chipset research targeting seasonal emotional disorder and depression. And we’ll provide support along the way towards their goal of listing Nutri Air on NASDAQ in the near future after years of their efforts.”

Canada’s new tech product— Nutrisleep6 (Slow Wave Sleep Machine) has been in the final stages of testing and most likely it will be on the market at the beginning of next year. We firmly believe that a whole lot of those who have been bothered by sleep disorders will be able to overcome their problems with our innovative products. Currently, Nutri Air Solution Inc. is participating in the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) from Nov. 5- Nov. 10, 2018 in Shanghai, China, as an exhibitor of Canadian technology. The company’s new technology NAI Chip is receiving a lot of attentions from potential customers and various major local media.

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