First finding that "air" interacts with brain waves, triggering more slow wave sleep in humans

September 23, 2019

-Slow wave sleep (aka deep sleep), the third stage of sleep, is the most restorative sleep stage. During this stage, many important biological processes occur in your body, including releasing GHG, restoring and rebuilding your body and muscles from the stress of the day, renewing the tissue to deep repair the cells, turning on brain detoxification, strengthening memory, strengthening the immune system, and storing energy (charging) and revitalization. Slow wave sleep is the key to high quality sleep.

    Scientific researches have found that charged particles invisible in the air have  profound impacts on human health.

    The WorldSleep2019 congress is hosted by the Canadian Sleep Association from September 20 to 25, 2019 at Vancouver Convention Center.  This big event for Sleep Medicine and Research Science attracts more than 3,000 sleep experts from 75 countries, bringing most updated achievements and the latest clinical technologies. Among them, a non-invasive and nonmedicinal disorder solution- the slow wave sleep machine unveiled by a Canadian company, Air Nutri Solution (ANS), has caught the spotlight during exhibition.

     NutriSleep6 slow-wave sleep machine is the world's first product developed successfully based on air charged particle wave theory. The charge particles in air interact with brain waves, triggering spontaneously slow waves in the human brain such achieving slow-wave sleep steady state, and fundamentally improving sleep quality, especially for those suffering insomnia and having difficulty in falling asleep. This core technology has been patented in Canada and the United States, and related parameters have been tested through a NRC fee-for- service project.

     It is reported that based on the ANS’ core IPs, the frequency of the air-charged particle wave can be tuned into various frequency of waves such as alpha, beta, or delta wave on demand. These externally charged particle waves can stimulate the human brain biological rhythm. The technology can be extended to many different applications such as emotional disorders (depression), encephalopathy, and eco-forest rehabilitation to benefit human health.

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