Pioneering the third life science revolution with biotechnology

Air Nutri Solutions Inc. is a BC company specializing in the research, development, and commercialization of advanced life science applications of charged particles, also known as negative air ions.

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AirNutri at CIIE 2021

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Airnutri 300S

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Cutting-edge technology in negative particles

As the pioneer of the third life science revolution, new biology and energy medicine, Air Nutri research team focuses on the application research and technology development of charge particle wave, bio-energy and bio-wave interaction, through the world's leading charge particle NAI chip (module), charge particle wave tuning module and other original key technologies, so that the energy-carrying charge particles in the form of waves, through a specific frequency This is a major breakthrough in transforming physical energy into life energy. In turn, it can repair the conduction channels of cellular energy, enhance the activity of red blood cells, activate the self-repair mechanism and inject vitality.
Pioneering the third life science revolution with biotechnology