AirNutri 300i 

featuring revolutionary NAI technology

AirNutri 300i Dynamic Air Infection Source Protection Machine

Enhanced with NAI technology

Specialized removal of airborne virus and bacteria
Designed for environments requiring utmost protection
Kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as virus and bacteria
Patented NAI Chip design enables high Negative Air Ions (NAIs) productivity, and reduced ozone formation.



Eliminate Virus and Bacteria

Effectively eliminates indoor airborne pollutants.

60 Day returns

If you aren't satisfied, we'll arrange for a free return within 60 days of purchase.

Zero by-product

No harmful o-zone or other harmful elements are emitted.

Whisper quiet

Silent fan motors allow for a noise-free environment.

Purifies the air from





Dust Mites




Virus Prevention

The 300i is able to actively capture and kill all kinds of infection sources such as viruses and bacteria, on both surfaces and in the air. 

Protective Environments

Charged particle waves create an effective micro-environment, protecting entire rooms from pollution and infective sources.

Safe Homes

The 300i is designed to kill viruses, capture allergens, and protect at-risk people. Powerful NAI technology reduces the occurrence of influenza, allergy rhinitis, and allergic asthma. Long time usage creates a natural and clean indoor environment that is conducive to physical and mental health.

PM0.1 Removal

Better removal capacity for ultra small particles, such as viruses, bacteria, atmospheric dust, engine exhaust, and tobacco smoke. This is because our NAI purifier is capable of removing allergens to as small as 0.1 microns, while HEPA filters only remove down to 0.3 microns in size.

Introducing NAI

AirNutri's patented technology, NAI, works at the molecular level to purify air
and enhance sleep in humans. Take a deep breath and see how AirNutri affects your life.


How it works at the atomic level

Negative air ion (NAI) technology is tested to have high removal efficiency for all sorts of airborne allergens. Negative Ionic Air Purifier emits negative air ions through corona discharge, the unipolar ions then electrically charges airborne particles, causing them either to repel others or deposit on nearby surfaces through image charges or static electrification.

Technical Specifications


AC110V 60Hz

Rate Power


Negative Ions

3x10⁵ ions/cm³ @ 2m to opening

Energy Efficiency


Bacteria Removal


Killing Efficiency of 
Coronavirus (HCOV229E)


Killing Efficiency of 
Influenza A Virus (H1N1)


O-zone Concentration

< 0.1x10⁻⁶  @ 5 cm to opening

PM2.5 Removal


Operational Temperature and Relative Humidity

0°C ~ 45°C , 30% ~ 80%

Dimension (mm)



18 kg