AirNutri Purifier

featuring revolutionary NAI technology

AirNutri Purifier

Enhanced with NAI technology

Effective removal of even the smallest air borne allergens
Fast action in allergen removal
Kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as virus and bacteria
Patented NAI Chip design enables high Negative Air Ions (NAIs) productivity, and reduced ozone formation.



Save $300

Eliminate Pollutants/Allergen

Effectively eliminates indoor airborne pollutants.

60 Day returns

If you aren't satisfied, we'll arrange for a free return within 60 days of purchase.

Zero by-product

No harmful o-zone or other harmful elements are emitted.

Whisper quiet

Silent fan motors allow for a noise-free environment.

Purifies the air from





Dust Mites




PM0.1 Removal

Better removal capacity for ultra small particles, such as viruses, bacteria, atmospheric dust, engine exhaust, and tobacco smoke. This is because our NAI purifier is capable of removing allergens to as small as 0.1 microns, while HEPA filters only remove down to 0.3 microns in size.

Silent Fan

Our fans are whisper quiet and generate virtually no environmental noise.

No Filters

No expensive filter replacement needed. This significantly brings down the maintenance cost for AirNutri.


For HEPA purifiers, the performance is affected by the cleanness of each filter and the condition of the motor.When HEPA filters are not frequently changed, purification effects would hugely deduct and the fan motor would wear out. Our NAI purifier works by electrostatic precipitation rather than filtration, thus consistent high performance is achieved.

Introducing NAI

AirNutri's patented technology, NAI, works at the molecular level to purify air
and enhance sleep in humans. Take a deep breath and see how AirNutri affects your life.


How it works at the atomic level

Negative air ion (NAI) technology is tested to have high removal efficiency for all sorts of airborne allergens. Negative Ionic Air Purifier emits negative air ions through corona discharge, the unipolar ions then electrically charges airborne particles, causing them either to repel others or deposit on nearby surfaces through image charges or static electrification.

Technical Specifications



Rate Power


Negative Ions

3x10⁵ ions/cm³ @ 2m to opening

Energy Efficiency


Bacteria Removal


O-zone Concentration

< 0.1x10⁻⁶  @ 5 cm to opening

PM2.5 Removal


Operational Temperature and Relative Humidity

0°C ~ 45°C , 30% ~ 80%

Dimension (mm)



12.5 kg