Discovery of 
charged particle

The air humans breathe has certain amount of air ions. Ions are charged particles in the air with concentration arranging from hundreds to thousands of ions per cubic centimeter. Those charged particles are essential to human life and health.

Research Verified

Negatively charged ions can adjust serotonin levels in the brain, aiding with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.
Negatively charged ions can activate N-K cells and improve immunity.

Negatively charged ions waves can create matching brain waves.

Cutting-edge technology in negative particles

AirNutri Inc. of Canada has dedicated to R&D of negative air ion generation, its application to life science and related product commercialization. After 6 year R&D and more than 10 million US dollar investment, ANS has successfully invented the world's leading NAI chips, which enable to generate unlimited negative oxygen ions without ozone derivation. This invention allows “air” to help humans enjoying a healthy life.

Through customized modules, matching waves able to influence human health can be generated.

Extensive R&D

The NAI chip is a disruptive breakthrough in negative air ion generation. It innovatively utilizes infinite pole negative air ion generation and successfully solves the global challenge of ozone derivation during negative air ion generation. The technology utilizes the mechanism of vibration wave, homopolar repulsive, and wind tunnel effect, which enables the long-range projection of negative air ion and full coverage of air ions in limited controllable space

NAI Chip Patent

NAI chip technology has obtained the Canadian invention patent (patent number: CA2916813), the US invention patent (patent number US10,181,703 B2). This technology-related parameter has been validated by the NRC Canadian National Research Council.

With the world's leading NAI chip technology and charged particle innovation as the core component for various applications, ANS will bring more social benefits and create better life for human beings